My name is Enrico Bedin and I am a home stylist.

I was born 40 years ago in a small town near Venice, Italy.

Since I was a child I have loved everything that my senses deemed “aesthetically beautiful” and have dedicated my life to this passion.

I love all forms of figurative art, photography, sculpture and painting. For over 20 years, I’ve been interested in each aspect of interior design, both residential and business spaces (offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.).

My services include:

My love for beautiful things, my unique Italian taste, and the technical capacity as an interior designer to create custom environments is at your disposal.

The first step in creating a dream environment, is to listen to and understand your personality, tastes and needs for living in the environment itself.

We will find solutions together by drawing environments, choosing the colors, fabrics, lighting, the atmosphere and the style you want.

I can suggest products designed by myself, by selected Italian interiors companies or I can call upon skilled artisans that embrace many decor styles, from classic to modern up to contemporary in order to produce unique pieces for you. 

My services also include Garden Designers.

We can design your garden and the Italian style outdoor space you want.



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