Stile classico contemporaneo

Contemporary classic style.

Interior design, product design, customized projects.

The perfect measure of luxury.

The space we live in represents us. It is our life that takes shape. It is the form we give to our life. And it cannot be left to chance. 
For over ten years, Enrico BedinInterior Designer has been creating unique products and projects by combining customer needs with refined stylistic research. The materials, lights, colors, finishes become the perfect manifesto of the characteristics of those who live and express themselves in a reality where living will no longer be as it was before.

Prodotti unici

Aspire to another dimension.

Interior design residenziale

Complete furniture or complete renovation of the house, design of kitchens or customized products, readjustment of the spaces, furnishing consultancy, customizations, construction site management, special after-sales assistance services. These are just some of the main services that Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer offers to satisfy the needs of the private sector.

Interior design services for: hotels and accommodation facilities, spas and the beauty world, restaurants, clubs, shops, offices, fairs, airports and other public spaces. The style of Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer and his experience in the management of international projects are excellent requirements for meeting the needs of the Italian and extra-Italian market.

The workshop.

We work nationally and abroad, thanks to an internal workshop that allows us to carry out on site what has been designed on paper. Hence a tailor-made competence, capable of going beyond the concept in order to make the creative idea evolve towards its design and technical realization.

Energy, warmth, personality.
Renato's cuisine.

Solid wood dialogues with the powerful warmth of corten and the brightness of the resin.

On the walls, the wallpaper with geometric patterns adds an unconventional rhythm.


Enrico Bedin – Interior designer represents:


Every product and every project is exclusive. Imagined, designed, created on the basis of the customer`s needs.


Whether it's wood, glass, ceramic, fabrics, decorations, Enrico chooses only the best products, with the instinct and the competence of those who grew up side by side with a craftsman father.


2D and 3D design, sketches, rendering. Many technologies to help you make the right choice and adapt it step by step to your needs. To the definition. Perfect.


Craftsmen. Technicians. Constructors. A wide and consolidated network of professionals to offer maximum competence in all areas.


Enrico's style is also esteemed outside the Italian border and allows him to boast a cosmopolitan forma mentis and an international experience.

Product design.

Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer designs and projects furnishing elements for public and private spaces also on behalf of brands.  

Enrico Bedin Studio Collection, Domus Arte Collection, Prestige Collection are three examples of design lines tailor-made for companies.

Brands we work with.