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Furnishing a home from scratch.

You have just bought a house, and walking through the empty spaces you are getting a lot of ideas on what you would like to see every day in the living room, in the corridor, in the bedrooms, in the bathrooms. You are flipping a magazine and fall in love with a beautiful design lamp. You open Instagram and there is that photo of a minimal living room that you like so much. But then you realize that the large-leaved plant that you have already ordered from the florist cannot fit between the leather sofa and the dresser. And from the furniture, you end up having a headache by talking about measures, dimensions, dates. On the other hand, you don’t want to have a house like a hundred others, with anonymous or poor furniture: you don’t want to give up the idea of a particular, personalized furniture that resembles you. So, let us help you.

We will talk about your idea. We will share proposals, inspirations and models. We will choose materials and technologies. We will study the sizing and positioning of the furnishings and lights, with programs that will allow you to have a more realistic view of the environments. We will do security assessments. And then we will make changes to the projects until you are perfectly happy. From this moment to delivery, the work will be all Enrico’s. Finally, even after you have entered your new home and started living in, Enrico will not leave you alone: thanks to the Active Assistance service, you can contact us and request support, advice or changes, at any time.

Our tailor-made solutions.

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The rugs are one of the oldest furnishings in the history of design and, if chosen with taste, they manage to imprint a hallmark and give an extraordinary personality to any environment. The carpet is ideal for enriching bare rooms with a minimal tone, or to revive an outworn environment.

The choice of material depends on several parameters: first of all the location and the presence of children or pets. Once the place and limits have been established, it is possible to choose whether to buy it in wool, cotton, silk, synthetic fiber or plastic.

As for length and size, it is essential to respect the proportions. The furniture must be "enclosed", embraced, by the perimeter of the carpet (which will therefore be at least 20cm wider) and should be complementary: a brightly colored carpet can go well with very simple or monochromatic furnishings. If there are already many paintings and particular pieces of furniture, it is better to opt for a sober and functional carpet.




We visualize the furnishings and environments through 2D, 3D, SketchUp drawings and top-level rendering. So, before approving it, you can analyse the project as if it was true.


We can take care of everything, from the preliminary design to the coordination of the workers up to the delivery.

Short delivery times guarantee.

Thanks to the internal workshop and the consolidated network of collaborators, we can guarantee the safety of short and certain delivery times.

High Artisan Quality.

The furniture of Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer are all unique pieces, emblems of the best craftsmanship tradition.

Active Assistance.

An after-sales service that includes assistance, advice, modifications and support, to ensure maximum peace of mind even after purchase.

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