Candid harmonies.
Franco's semi-detached house/duplex.

Foreign manager in a company.

Location: Italy, Veneto
Owner: private
Project type: residential, penthouse
Furnishing consulting and supply of customized products for kitchen, living room, master bedroom, bathroom, children’s room
Customer problem: second home furnishings
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: render, definition of mood, transport and assembly, after sales assistance

Franco and I had already met for a job some years before. When he contacted us again, he was building his duplex  with his brother. We examined the environments together. The spaces of the new house were quite narrow; they had to be enhanced and optimized to the maximum to ensure that impression of warm elegance that he sought.

In addition, Franco wanted a product entirely made of solid wood, and making a customized product which could better adapt to the shape of the walls, proved to be the most suitable solution.

Franco’s budget, not large, required reasoned choices. Through the combinations of colors, shapes and materials, we have sought a meeting point between warmth and composure, softness and rigor, defined angles and curved lines. The work took six months.

The geometric light points become furnishing elements capable of embellishing the ceiling, walls and furniture.

Details that make the difference

The predominant material is solid wood. We used it trying to get sample colors to mix everything well.

The lights are Moooi Foscarini with Diesel. The sofa is B&B Italia.

“Working with Enrico and Irene was simple, immediate, natural: their passion, competence and enthusiasm literally made us live the project, get inside it, feel part of the creation in every detail and nuance, loving it, desiring it later, living it with joy every day.” Franco