Modern and airy vintage.
Valerio's renewed shop.


Location: Italy
Owner: private
Project type: commercial shop
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), 3D realistic photo design and sketches, mood definition

Valerio is the owner of a clothing store, a family business. He contacted us because he wanted to renew the shop, giving it a new atmosphere,  on the anniversary of the opening of the store. He wanted a modern vintage effect. Furthermore, the environments seemed too small for his latest commercial developments.

Keeping the existing floor, we worked on the finishes of counters, we gave more breathing space to the products, through suspended structures and special lacquered shelves. To expand the space, we took advantage of strategic mirrors and of a special finish for the walls.

The definition of the concept took a month.

The bamboo finish we have chosen for the walls creates a perfect three-dimensional effect for commercial spaces.

Details that make the difference

The suspended structures are in raw iron, the lacquered shelves have a refined cipria finish.

The custom-made counter has a visible glass part and closed compartments in Canaletto walnut.

The mirrors are Flos with integrated led lights.

“Overall evaluation of the project from 1 to 5? 5 and a half!
Everything that is developed by Enrico and Irene manages to enhance the available space and the tastes of the customer. The projects are always very precise and easy to interpret.
Great job.”