Showroom house.
Giulio's open space.


Business owner.

Location: Italy
Owner: private
Project type: residential, single villa
Type of service: home furnishing from scratch, for kitchen and living room.
Customer problem: second home furnishings
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), 3D realistic photo design and sketches, render, definition of mood, transport and assembly, after-sales assistance.

Giulio is an entrepreneur, he works abroad. For his second home, he was looking for a very minimal but impactful environment, a simple and bold open space that would welcome friends and guests and be admired as a showroom. Giulio is very meticulous; his wife is happy to leave him the reins of the house and he personally takes care of choosing the products.

When we met, he immediately let us know that he needed to have custom-made furniture, in the defined times. He wanted furniture and furnishings to embroider a single weave, as if they were part of a collection, but without heaviness.

The biggest challenge was the construction of the bookcase: to facilitate assembly we could not think of a single piece. We therefore chose to divide the top to optimize this phase.

Details that make the difference

For this cement effect environment, we have chosen Minotti upholstered items and LondonArt paintings.

The lamps are Formafantasma.

This second house, representing other sides of Giulio’s character, completes the story of its owner’s personality.