Decision and femininity.
Serena's shop.


Location: Italy
Owner: company
Project type: clothing store
Customer problem: furniture of the second store
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), 3D photo realistic design and sketches, mood definition, transport and assembly

Serena is an entrepreneur. She is a passionate and very determined woman; she demands a high level of precision, keeps everything under control and she is full of ideas. She has several stores under management, all of high-end clothing.
When we spoke with her the first time, she already had in mind, well defined, the image of her ideal store, but had not yet found someone who would help her to fulfill her desire.

Serena was looking in particular for a special effect for the counter. She wanted a material product that could firmly stand out. Even with a limited budget, we managed to fully implement her idea. We have harmonized different aspects and mixed materials. We have designed the highest range products for the visible parts, and chosen simpler furnishings for the most distant corners. Result? A lively and feminine luxury.

The particular material finish of the counter was obtained with an exquisitely handcrafted work. Serena chose the effect via sample; we worked the raw material by hand in two steps, until the desired result was obtained.

Details that make the difference

For the dress-holding structures we used white painted metal.
The rough structure of the counter is in laminate, with a handcrafted finish as a cover. 

We finished the job in a month and a half, respecting the times requested by Serena for the opening of the store at the beginning of the season.