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You have laid eyes on a wonderful design piece of furniture and want at all costs to arrange it in your new under construction home. But then you start to wonder what type of floor will be better to choose and you doubt that the lights you thought of will overshadow the color of the furniture. Or you have noticed that you don’t like the furniture in your living room anymore and would like to change it – but by keeping the leather armchairs that your parents gave you. You think about different possibilities but you are uncertain about the result and you certainly don’t want to make any expensive mistakes.

We are here for this. Displaying different furnishing formulas is one of our passions. Whether it’s studying the choice and arrangement of furniture from scratch, to modify or integrate the existing furniture or to give you advice on systems and technical services, we can help you. We study mood boards, color palettes and light points, we choose curtains, lamps, knick-knacks, rugs and upholsteries. We develop proposals in line with your tastes and your practical needs, always recommending the most suitable combinations of styles and colors or the best arrangement to optimize spaces.

Our tailor-made solutions.

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Brief notes of interior design.



The paintings are a piece of furniture often treated too lightly. Whether they are pictures, photos, mirrors, prints, they have a considerable impact on the rooms and should be arranged according to precise criteria. Here are a couple. First of all, we should start with the arrangement of the bigger paintings: they will be the ones to "guide" the others.

Secondly, never hang the frames too high. The perfect height is 160 cm calculated from the ground to the bottom of the frame.

Furthermore, with the chromatic and shape contrasts, a far better effect is obtained compared to the one given by homogeneity: a monochrome painting perfectly matches a figurative print, while a sepia photograph hung over a sofa of the same color risks giving an impression of monotony and heaviness.




We visualize the furnishings and environments through 2D, 3D, SketchUp drawings and top-level rendering. So, before approving it, you can analyse the project as if it was true.


We can take care of everything, from the preliminary design to the coordination of the workers up to the delivery.

Short delivery times guarantee.

Thanks to the internal workshop and the consolidated network of collaborators, we can guarantee the safety of short and certain delivery times.

High Artisan Quality.

The furniture of Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer are all unique pieces, emblems of the best craftsmanship tradition.

Active Assistance.

An after-sales service that includes assistance, advice, modifications and support, to ensure maximum peace of mind even after purchase.

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