Energy, warmth, personality.
La Renato's kitchen.

Business owner

His wife is a design enthusiast and an innovaion researcher. She helps him in making decisions.

Location: Italy
Owner: private
Project type: residential, single villa
Type of service: home furnishing from scratch, for kitchen and living room
Customer problem: kitchen and living room furniture for the second home
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), realistic 3D project and sketches, render, definition of mood, transport and assembly, after-sale assistance

Renato is an entrepreneur, he has a family business together with his brother.
We met on the occasion of the construction of his new home. The living room and kitchen spaces were characterized by very high ceilings, and Renato wanted a very personal environment, different from anyone else’s, with unique furniture and particular sizes.

He had spotted a product for the living room, which however did not provide for a complete closure of the spaces and therefore had to be revised.
After the initial chat, we immediately started to reflect and then we showed the project to Renato. He was immediately enthusiastic and gave us his approval.

We thus provided the plant layout and arrangement of connections and sockets, and we dedicated ourselves to the creation of the furniture. Then, once the house was partly finished, we assisted the work and in two months the product was completely assembled.

For Renato we have studied and created, completely by hand, a large solid wood table. Ready to welcome family and friends reunions, it is an object of great personality, which transmits solidity and energy.

Details that make the difference

For the living room, we have chosen a mix of materials: the solid wood interacts with the powerful warmth of corten and the brightness of the resin. On the walls, the wallpaper with geometrical patterns adds an unconventional rhythm.

The doors are Rimadesio and the household appliances Gaggenau, with an integrated hood directly on the island.

Given Renato’s satisfaction, we are still working on other spaces in the house: in 2018 we completed the outdoor area and in recent months we have focused on the basement.