The vibrant minimalist of 2020.
Simone's place.


Location: Germany
Owner: company
Project type: restoration
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), 3D photo realistic design and sketches, mood definition, transport and assembly, after-sale assistance.

Simone is an entrepreneur in the restaurant business. He asked us to work inside an existing structure which included, on the first floor, a furniture showroom. His idea was to create a bar by reusing some products from the showroom, such as seats, coffee tables and lamps.

A lover of design and of the world of furniture, Simone is a person with a taste for detail: he was looking for a minimalist modern style, with details of excellent workmanship. In addition, he asked us to get him a very low consumption refrigerator

This project confronted us with the interesting challenge of integrating a public space into an important and already very defined structure, of not using walling and of building all the furniture with 45 °.

Details that make the difference

Muuto lamps go perfectly with existing light sources.
We have partially repainted  the coffee tables to create harmony with the finishes of Simone’s Magis stools.

Simone met us thanks to an Italian colleague who had shown him a piece of furniture custom-made for his home. Despite the geographical distance, we managed to coordinate perfectly leaving him satisfied with the project proposal.