Industrial warm
and essential?
Valentino's bakery.

Business owner

Location: Italy
Owner: company
Project type: bakery
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), 3D realistic photo design and sketches, mood definition

Valentino’s story is that of many other “family tradition” entrepreneurs. He inherited the family bakery and wanted a new aesthetic for the restaurant: a few years after the renovation, it appeared outdated and not comfortable for customers.

Making space for the sale of packaged products and creating a comfortable passage for bar service were the two most specific needs.

Valentino loves essentiality and industrial style. He then wanted easy-to-manage counters, so he could easily move them and, if necessary, readjust the space.

Details that make the difference

We used raw iron with solid wood shelves. The palette of the restaurant is built on neutral tones, so that it would always look modern.

The floor is Dienesen, with long slats and Scandinavian colors, in contrast with the warm shades of the furniture.

The project was so apreciated, that today we are working on a new concept for Valentino’s franchises from other countries.