Intimate and cosmopolitan luxury. 
Ivan's apartment.

Entrepreneur on behalf of a contract furniture company

Location: abroad, Russia
Owner: private
Project type: residential, apartment
Furnishing consulting and supply of custom-made products for the living room and master bedroom
Customer problem: moving to new home
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), render, definition of mood.

Ivan was moving to his new home and, for some rooms, he needed an interior designer, familiar with the contemporary style, for advice and a supply of customized products. He knew a company we worked with and got in touch with us.

Ivan immediately trusted us a lot. After the initial conversation necessary to understand the style he wanted for his spaces, he left us extreme creative freedom. The only particular request that he made was related to the use of a specific weave, which led us to the vision.

We have also repeatedly communicated with the architect who designed the house, to optimize some choices.

Ivan was looking for a decorator specialized in contemporary style, who knew how to translate his impression of sophisticated splendor into practice.

Details that make the difference

The predominant material is veneered wood, for an impression of lightness and quality.

The profiles are in brass.

The lights are MM chandeliers, the stone used for the living room is Florim. 

The motifs represented in the fretworked wood furniture and in the golden frames lend themselves to be declined in other pieces of furniture for the living room and sleeping area. The modern canaletto with golden foil, leather or fabric details, embodies contemporary luxury with a recall to the classic ancient frames.