Flow, pause and meeting.
Airport lounge area.

Location: Abroad
Owner: company
Project type: airport
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: render, definition of mood

This project was born from the announcement launched by a famous airline of the Arabian Peninsula, for the design of its lounge area.

The whole idea developed from the company logo, which recalls the curved shape of a wing.

We thought of a sinuous structure that embraced without enclosing and allowed to relax without being isolated, allowing light to pass through and creating harmonious flows of movement.

By combining the warmth of wood and the composure of marble with brighter, but always natural colors, such as green, red, mustard, gray, an effect of particular chromatic consonance is obtained.

Details that make the difference

For lighting, lamps that reflect the shapes of the furnishings or draw geometric lines recalling the trails of the airplanes in the sky.

The concept, layout and renderings took two weeks.