Rational personality, with a taste for detail.
Katia's house

Katia F.
Business owner.

Location: Italy
Owner: private
Project type: residential, single villa
Type of service: home furnishing from scratch, for kitchen and living room
Customer problem: relocation to new home
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), 3D photo realistic design and sketches, render, mood definition, transport and assembly, after-sales assistance.

Katia is the owner of a furniture company.

After living with her mother for years, she sought her independence with a home of her own. After buying the villa, she contacted us. She wanted to be sure that the new home reflected her, with her tastes and with her personality, and she asked us for different services: from the general layout to the supply of customized products.

Katia wanted a minimalist style that transmits warmth, with touches of green and wood.

During the collaboration with Katia, we also faced a big challange: once the layout of the electrical system was finished, she changed her mind about the kitchen setting. We therefore had to rework on the predisposition and look for a new system that matched well, on a constructive level, with the one planned for the rest of the house.

Details that make the difference

The kitchen is Zampieri, the chairs are Tribu and the sofa Poliform.
Table, sideboards and TV stand are bespoke pieces from the Ancora collection.

Katia liked technical chandeliers, not too demanding. The pieces we have chosen give an eye-catching  and sophisticated touch to the harmony of the rooms.