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Custom kitchen design.

It is the heart of the home, the place where we get together and where, often, the most important decisions are made. For this reason, the kitchen must be bright, warm and pleasant, but also spacious, practical, safe and with an intelligent arrangement of furnishings and household appliances. Simple to live in and beautiful to show. It must help you keep everything under control, organize your daily life in the most effective way and manage your evenings with friends. And, of course, adapt to your personality and your tastes and reflect your style: chic, casual, country, industrial, eclectic or vintage? Do you like cooking for everyone, and therefore you need large and comfortable work surfaces, or do you only reunite with the rest of the family for a quick dinner in the evening? There are two or ten people living in your home?

We will study together the ideal kitchen for you, choosing the mood and lights, materials and finishes, furnishings and accessories. We will help you decide which design products best fit the space you have available, or we will design and create new ones, handmade, thanks to our internal carpentry workshop. And we will be by your side in case you want to make additions or changes.

Our tailor-made solutions.

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Brief notes of interior design.

Chairs and tables

It is good to choose the table and chairs at the same time, in order to be sure that they fit together. But this does not mean that it is essential to have them matching. Better yet. A kitchen or living room is embellished with a nonconformist combination, such as a traditional wooden table surrounded by ultra-modern design chairs made with new materials such as metal, plastic, aluminum and eco-leather, PVC, leather, polycarbonate coverings. Or even by a composition of completely different styles.

Basically, the right shape of the table will be the one that will reflect the shape of the environment (square table for square space; rectangular table for rectangular space; oval or round tables are characterized by a particular flexibility and versatility).

As for the chairs, an important aspect to consider is that of their maneuverability: they must be moved easily. Therefore, the light and robust materials and all the manufacturing details that facilitate grip and movement are highly appreciated. .




We visualize the furnishings and environments through 2D, 3D, SketchUp drawings and top-level rendering. So, before approving it, you can analyse the project as if it was true.


We can take care of everything, from the preliminary design to the coordination of the workers up to the delivery.

Short delivery times guarantee.

Thanks to the internal workshop and the consolidated network of collaborators, we can guarantee the safety of short and certain delivery times.

High Artisan Quality.

The furniture of Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer are all unique pieces, emblems of the best craftsmanship tradition.

Active Assistance.

An after-sales service that includes assistance, advice, modifications and support, to ensure maximum peace of mind even after purchase.

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