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Complete renovation of the house

You have lived in the same house for many years and now you have the impression that it has become foreign to you: its colors have lost their liveliness, its furnishings are out of fashion, its character no longer reflects your life and your aspirations. Everything reminds you of the stale atmospheres you left behind. The energy and impulses sent by the environments we live in every day are so powerful that we cannot afford not to demand the best. We, the Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer team can help you, thanks to the experience in the field of complete renovation of houses and apartments. After a general evaluation on living spaces and a thorough chat to listen to your needs, we will understand what  are the best solutions.

Is it necessary to demolish architectural elements or move partitions to change the intended use of the room? Does the plant engineering, the plumbing or the wiring need intervention? What is the most comfortable and functional arrangement of furnishings? The mood in line with your style? Once the project we have shared with you has been confirmed, the management of the construction site, the coordination of the workers and the delivery of the furniture will all be our responsibility. We promise you that the house that will welcome you will be more spectacular than a newly purchased one.

Our tailor-made solutions.

The centimeters.

Brief notes of interior design.


The floor

In order to choose the flooring well it is essential to have a defined design idea in mind and take into account the characteristics of the materials and the practical needs of the different environments.

For example, the most suitable floor for the kitchen and bathroom, rooms that are usually cleaned often and where water leaks occur more frequently, must definitely be more resistant than the one chosen for the living room or bedroom.

Make room for particular or traditional materials, capable of representing in themselves a piece of furniture. Terracotta and ancient stone give warmth and energy to the rooms and combine well with bold colors such as red, yellow, green, purple, as well as softer beige and cream, grays and browns. Porcelain stoneware, in addition to being distinguished by its material elegance, is one of the most robust materials: it resists impacts, abrasions, flexions, wear and scratches, and humidity stains. The resin floor is compact and without discontinuity, resistant, easy to clean (it is anti-stain and anti-odor) and waterproof. Achievable in many different colors, it lends itself to customizations.




We visualize the furnishings and environments through 2D, 3D, SketchUp drawings and top-level rendering. So, before approving it, you can analyse the project as if it was true.


We can take care of everything, from the preliminary design to the coordination of the workers up to the delivery.

Short delivery times guarantee.

Thanks to the internal workshop and the consolidated network of collaborators, we can guarantee the safety of short and certain delivery times.

High Artisan Quality.

The furniture of Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer are all unique pieces, emblems of the best craftsmanship tradition.

Active Assistance.

An after-sales service that includes assistance, advice, modifications and support, to ensure maximum peace of mind even after purchase.

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