A love story, a home.
Sabrina and Marco's villa.


Location: Italy
Owner: private
Project type: residential, single villa
Type of service: home furnishing from scratch, furnishing consulting for kitchen, living room and bathroom, custom-made pieces (table and walk-in closet)
Customer problem: I am getting married and I have to furnish my home
Output made by Enrico Bedin – Interior Designer: 2D technical project (lights, plasterboard, systems), 3D photo realistic design and sketches, render, mood definition, transport and assembly, after-sales assistance.

Sabrina and Marco are a young couple. Passionate about design, for years they had dreamed of a house of their own, which fully represents the contemporary and elegant spirit that distinguishes them. Once she received the final job proposal that Sabrina was waiting for, they built their villa. Both participated enthusiastically in the decisions.

For the living room environment, Sabrina needed a table created ad hoc: despite having visited several stores, she did not find any to her taste on the market. In addition, she liked the idea of inserting a Caccaro TV stand that could be in harmony with the environment. She wanted a unique and original imprint, with warm touches of wood – but balanced: the living room already had several natural furnishings.

We spent two months between concept and realization.

The table had to have very special dimensions: Sabrina and Marco had let us know that they would have liked to combine it with the kitchen and the island, so we returned once the kitchen had been assembled, in order to be able to produce the table with the same depth.

Details that make the difference

The living room sees a mix of lacquer and wood. Caccaro’s TV stand has been revised based on the needs of Sabrina and Marco.

The lamps are Vibia, the bathrooms Birex.

“Why did I go to this studio? Simple. Enrico and Irene have managed to achieve what has been in my mind for years. They understood perfectly what I wanted my home to transmit to me, in terms of comfort, practicality and beauty.
In addition, they managed to enhance every single material used, from those already there, to those recommended by them.” Sabrina