Residential interior design.

Interior design residenziale

By working with Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer you will be able to savor the pleasure of a furnishing precisely imagined and designed tailor-made to your tastes, and the safety of beautiful and functional environments, where spatial needs and aesthetics are a perfect combination. The first step, after the preliminary discussion, will be to analyse together the likely realization of your idea in the form of a project (through 2D and 3D designs) or rendering, to which it will be possible to make improvements or modifications through the use of programs such as SketchUp. Once the design is confirmed, Enrico will take care of everything: from choosing the best professionals to their coordination on site, to the final transport and assembly of the furniture. The service of Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer does not stop there: the characteristic feature of the company is a particular care of the after sale services, through possibilities such as Active Assistance.

Custom kitchen design.

Thanks to the internal workshop of Enrico’s father, it is possible to bring home a highly personalized kitchen, with all the warmth and life of natural materials.

Furnishing a home from scratch.

New house? There is nothing better than a furniture that is suitable for the walls like a garment to a body. From the entrance to the bedrooms and bathrooms, the best solutions to transform into reality the home you have in mind.

Renewing an environment.

Years go by and your home is always the same? Why not treat yourself with the joy of a renewed, fresh environment ready to respond to your new needs?

Complete renovation of the house.

New life, new home. We work together to give a completely different breath to living spaces, and a solid and ambitious basis for your years to come.

Furnishing consulting.

Do you have ideas but also many doubts about how to furnish your house or an environment? Let yourself be advised by those who can help you in an efficient and sensitive way.



We visualize the furnishings and environments through 2D, 3D, SketchUp drawings and top-level rendering. So, before approving it, you can analyse the project as if it was true.


We can take care of everything, from the preliminary design to the coordination of the workers up to the delivery.

Short delivery times guarantee.

Thanks to the internal workshop and the consolidated network of collaborators, we can guarantee the safety of short and certain delivery times.

High Artisan Quality.

The furniture of Enrico Bedin - Interior Designer are all unique pieces, emblems of the best craftsmanship tradition.

Active Assistance.

An after-sales service that includes assistance, advice, modifications and support, to ensure maximum peace of mind even after purchase.