Who We Are

Two designers, an internal craft workshop, a network of collaborators.

Laboratorio interno - falegnameria

The result of an exceptional team.

The best solution is always the result of a synergy of excellence. Enrico Bedin – Interior designer’s company – fully embraces this philosophy and over the years has formed a team characterized by high professionalism and excellent ability to collaborate, for the satisfaction of the customer.
Currently, the group is made up of: two interior designers, a craft workshop specializing in wood lacquering and a network of collaborators between craftsmen, building constructors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and fitters.
The internal workshop is the small crown jewel of the company. Founded by Enrico’s father, it speaks the language of history and love for materials. Here, among the scent of the wood and the tools that were once used, furniture, home objects are manufactured or existing furnishings are customized. You can experience the thrill of seeing a unique piece born from scratch, that will accompany your life.

L'arte di vivere il bello
Collaboratori artigiani realizzano pezzi unici

The designers

Harmonic synergies.

Enrico Bedin

Interior Designer

What exactly is your occupation?
For more than 25 years, I have dedicated myself to everything regarding the interior design, both in the residential and business areas (offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.), from the study of the concept to the technical execution of the project. Also dealing with supply, I interface with all the figures that are related within a project.

Why did you choose the world of interior design?
Since I was a child I have loved everything that my senses considered “aesthetically beautiful “. I am dedicating my life to this passion.

When did you realize you wanted to be an interior designer?
As a child I divided myself between my dad’s workshop and my passion for art. I have always loved to help in the workshop with technical drawings for production, but the turning point was when I started working at Mobilificio d’Arte Marchetti. There I understood that my creativity could become art and professionalism.

What do you like most about your job?
Listening to the customer, putting myself to the test to respond to all their needs with precision and the pursuit of excellence.    

What is the most beautiful place where you’ve worked?
Grande Arredo, a company that has made the history of classic design and has allowed me to grow a lot, especially in terms of method.

What is your favorite material? And your favorite color?
I love the wood, it is the material which I grew up with and that I know thoroughly.
The color I prefer today is green: very daring to mix with other materials, of great class if it is dosed with care.

Irene Ranzato

Interior Designer
Visual Designer

What exactly is your occupation?
I support Enrico in the visual part of the project, from rendering to graphics, up to the presentation of the project.

Why did you choose the world of interior design?
Because I have a passion for history that hides behind every object, and behind the path that leads each person to have particular needs, to choose certain spaces.

When you understood that you wanted to be an interior designer?
I loved this sector from the first lesson of History of Design. When I accompanied Enrico to Salone del Mobile, a world opened up to me.

What do you like most about your job?
Seeing that in our studio it is not the price or the budget that moves the work and identifies people, but whatever can make them happy and satisfied with their choice.

What’s the most beautiful place where you’ve worked?
The University of Venice, as assistant professor of Interactive Media for Interior Design. There I had the opportunity to test my visual designer skills, explaining the subject to students in difficulty.
Venice can only remain in one’s heart for the beauty of its buildings.

What is your favorite material? And your favorite color?
My favorite material is the wood, I am learning to know it, and the heat that passes through this natural and lively material is truly amazing.
As a color I love ocher: it taught me how a single tint can make a big difference. Then, in life, both Enrico and I are brought together by red … there will be a reason if we work together!